Why are the institutional investors dominating the alternative investment market?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Studies show that investing into Alternative investments on the private market produces 30% – 40% higher returns compared to investing in the public market.

Why it matters to you?

Until now direct private market investing was largely inaccessible to individual investors and it is only in recent years that access to products has become more available, this is largely due to individuals having the ability to self certify as a High-net-worth individual or as a Sophisticated investor, therefore being granted the opportunity to receive alternative assets that may be of interest to the investor.

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Alternative Investment Costs and Tax Considerations

Alternative assets may have high initial upfront investment fees however, transaction costs are typically lower compared to conventional assets.

Alternative investments held over a long period of time can also result in tax benefits. This is because investments held longer than 12 months are subject to a lower capital gains tax in comparison to shorter-term investments.

What is the risk?

Just like any investment there is always a level of risk to the investor, therefore an investor must understand the investment he or she chooses as they are frequently illiquid and face limited regulations, professional advice and the ability to run independent due diligence is highly recommended. If your looking for a list of alternative investments follow the link and certify yourself with Falcon Capital Partnership and gain access to our private members investment group: https://www.fcpinvest.co.uk/self-certification

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