What attracts investors to an Alternative Investments website.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

As an investor the first question we had to ask is what would I first of all search for in Google when looking for an investment opportunity. Am I searching for established companies who do the research and have the history of successful high returns on Investments, or am I looking to find individual companies directly to do my own due diligence?

The answer is probably both for most Sophisticated and HNWI certified investors.

After taking into account both these questions and the birth of Falcon Capital Partnership's new website that features the easy option for self-certification, full due diligence and research platform for qualifying members it was time to find out what people type in their searches.

What we found is that there is a number of different types of investors, private investors, institutional investors, angel investor, funds and plain old start-up investors.

These groups will then search very differently to each other and again what they look for is also very different.

Let's start by breaking down some different types of Alternative investment groups:

Fixed income


Private equity

There are many other categories but we did our study to break down the most common.

Starting with fixed income, investors use word searches such as:

Fixed income

Fixed-income investment strategies

Fixed-income investment options

Best fixed-income investments

Best fixed-income funds

Fixed income annuity

General investors would search for alternative investments using words such as:

Smart investment

Best return on investment

Investment company

Investment opportunity

Project finance

Finance community


Which investments have high returns

Best investment plan with high returns

Then finally for entrepreneurs looking for investors for their start-up companies such as SEIS and EIS government tax beneficial companies the investors may search for:

List of alternative investments

Alternative investment ideas

Alternative investment options

Alternative investment firms

Best alternative investments

Angel investor groups

Companies looking for investors

Looking for private investors

Investment schemes with high returns

So, all in all, there is still a lot to explore and as of yet, we are only at the beginning of our journey to find the best practices to define investment categories and types of investors.

Please leave comments to your own practices and experiences.


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