Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Alternative Investment asset classes go beyond the three primary asset classes--stocks, bonds, and cash, with many types of alternative investments available to be used to diversify investment portfolios. Alternative assets may include specific physical assets, such as natural resources or real estate, or methods of investing, such as hedge funds or private equity. Alternative assets often are dependent on investors having the ability to perform thorough due diligence when selecting an investment. For example, with collectibles such as art or antiques, the value of your investment depends on the specific work. As a result, even if you are very knowledgeable about an asset class, you might do well to seek out expert advice and guidance before inclusion into your portfolio.


Their lack of correlation with traditional asset investments can increase or stabilize portfolio return. If one type of investment is performing poorly the entire portfolio doesn’t need to suffer as a consequence. However, diversification alone cannot guarantee or protect against a loss. Both institutional and high net worth individuals have increasingly begun to explore alternative assets in recent years with institutional investors dominating the market as a way of increasing returns and/or to diversify risk.

To learn more and gain access to unique alternative investments you must first of all make sure you are a qualified investor, Alternative investments are only available to individuals who have completed a self certification: If you want to Certify yourself and gain access to a list of alternative investments follow this link: https://www.fcpinvest.co.uk/self-certification

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