5 hot "startup hub" alternatives around the world

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

With a passion for Startup companies we wanted to share with our members the 5 Top startups from around the world. Their industrys and prodcts, as well as what led to the success of these companies and can we impliment the same fomulas into companies we work with at Falcon Capital Partnership to ensure high returns to our group of investors.

Lets get started with a list of best Startup Catagories

  1. AI Startups

  2. Ecommerce Startups

  3. EdTech Startups

  4. FinTech Startups

  5. Food and Beverages Startups

  6. Health Care Startups

  7. Block Chain Startups

  8. IoT Startups

  9. Software and Saas Startups

  10. Transport and Travel Startups

  11. Website and Mobile apps Startups

  12. Fashion Startups

At Falcon Capital Partneship we may only specialize in one or 2 areas from above so we are quite biast to who came out on the top of our list.


  • Industry: Food and Beverages

  • Funding: $1.6M

  • Investors: Golden Angel Investors

Meatable is an organic meat production company that produces and sells lab-grown meat in the market.  The founders of the company hold the point of view that current meat production is not capable of meeting future demands, and it is way too ‘cruel’ to kill animals for food.

Meatable picks a single cell from animals’ bodies, and then develop the whole organ in labs. In the natural environment, this process will take three years, while this company can replicate the same process within three weeks.

Meatable may have found the answer to increased food security without compromising on taste, health, and of course the real meat.

  • Industry: Food and Beverages

  • Funding: £2M

  • Investors: Falcon Capital Partnership

Equilibriumlabs 100% Naturally formulated health beverage, Equilibrium Labs has a huge market opportunity to establish its liver health products with clinical studies proving its efficency, Promote immune sytems, recover from diabetes, Cirrosis, Boost metabolisum and much more:

Promote immune function

Have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Improve insulin sensitivity

Reduce fat accumulation in the liver by supplementing essential nutrients.

Reduce liver injuries by activating antioxidants

Reduce alcohol induced liver injury by breaking down toxic byproducts.

Reduce cholesterol


  • Industry: Blockchain

  • Funding: $17.4M

  • Investors: Bitcoin.com

Eligma is the new revolution in the blockchain and bitcoin sector. Have you ever thought about how you can use a cryptocurrency that isn’t driven by public demand? That’s where Eligma comes in. It is setting new standards for bitcoin in particular and blockchain in general. It is also the power behind Slovenia’s latest Bitcoin City project. The startup aims to use blockchain technology to establish communication standards for crypto payment networks.


  • Industry: Website and Mobile Apps

  • Funding: $46.9M

  • Investors: Insight Partners

HqO is an app that helps landlords carve places that their tenants love. It is an onsite retail and services app that helps landlords know in real-time about the features that are not available at the premises. As a result, they can take quick action and solve the problem on time. They can even set a time for the repair and renovation with the tenant through the app.

  • Industry: Ecommerce / Webiste and Mobile Apps

  • Funding: $1M

  • Investors: Insight Partners

MyTown MyTown is a startup targeting Online Shopping – Event Booking – Business Listings -Supporting local communities. Mytown is a website and app which integrates with a number of the leading events, offers, news, local information and business listing platforms.

Mytown is a community trading platform, that will generate income from e-commerce and advertising while allowing community intergration through bulletine boards.

Users can find rated trades-people, excellent restaurants, nearby activities, read customer reviews and book tickets. MyTown are one truely all in one platform.

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