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Scrupulously selected alternative investment solutions.


Invest and return a typical 8-12% per annum. 
Monthly income and capital growth options available through securitised and asset-backed investments.

Range of terms on fixed income for qualified investors. 

Whether nurturing and growing capital for the future or looking to enjoy a lifestyle by way of passive income streams, Falcon Capital Partnership (FCP) were formed with the requirements of qualified investors in mind.

Able to call upon expert opinion from a diverse range of investment specializations, from bespoke finance to large development, private banking to compliance and finance law, FCP continue to be an important partner to those who seek viable alternative investment strategies in order to achieve higher returns.

Business Graphs


Now more than ever, companies with significant assets and busy deal pipelines are looking to diversify and add a mezzanine layer to their finance stack in order to take advantage of  opportunities in their respective markets. 


By investing over various asset and risk classes over the full term, return incentives as well as the opportunity to compound interest over time can often result in consistent returns of 12% plus per annum.  Some investments even offer free early redemption.


A gap exists in the market for qualified investors to deploy capital short-term (1-5 years) and see superior returns to what is often found in the broader markets.  Any person who is eligible as a qualified investor under Section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 can invest.

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Register as a Qualified Investor

It takes just a minute to self-certify as a High Net-Worth or Sophisticated Investor using our simple online form. Once complete, you will be able to access all live investments.


Access the Due Diligence Platform

Download and receive comprehensive due diligence documentation for all of our featured investments.  You will have access to the same materials used in the approval processes of security trustees and market listings.


Make an Informed Choice

FCP are here to provide the clear, plain facts of any investment you choose to review. By understanding your individual requirements we can present only the opportunities most relevant to your targets. 

Debt, equity or a mix of both.
Access to 100% funding from a diverse mix of finance.

As requirements and decision wait times grow amongst major, "paint-by-numbers" lenders an ever increasing need for bespoke finance solutions exists. 


FCP sits in the middle of multiple active and proven finance facilitators who are direct to capital requiring deployment.  We can deliver any sized project in almost any part of the world, whether you are looking to build a small multi-unit development in the UK or a PV Solar Farm in South Africa, we already have the close relationships for you to plug into without us needing to "shop" your project around to all and sundry.

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